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Let us help you find your perfect investment property or second home in Kauai!

Everybody loves Kauai and its natural beauty and would like to spend more time there.

Have you dreamed about buying your own piece of island paradise, but don’t know where to start?

Have you wondered if buying a vacation rental or second home is affordable and makes financial sense?

We can help with research and a quick financial assessment and – should you decide to proceed – make the buying process easier, more predictable, and less overwhelming!


Identify Realtors

Assist on Site


Setup Prep

Shortlist Properties

Find Contractors

Pre-Screen Properties

What We Do

We can assist during the whole life cycle of the transaction!


Assist with research and establishing financial viability. Help identify and screen realtors. Make recommendations based on local knowledge. Build a short list of suitable properties using a systematic and methodical approach.

Decision Time

Pre-screen properties in person and on the ground and narrow down the list. Prepare for and assist during your visit on location to make a purchase decision.

Get Up and Running

Aid in turning your new property into a successful investment and vacation rental. Provide contacts for property management, repairs, upgrades, and design refreshes.

Buying a property far away from where you are can be nerve-wrecking and outright scary. 
But don’t let that deter you: We can make the press much easier for you. Let us show you how!
Rene Rosendahl
Find My Island Home / Kauai Property Finders

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